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Friday, January 09, 2009

Painting Winter Demo and Workshop

I am headed to Asheville later for Saturday's demo and workshop on painting the colors of winter for the Appalachian Pastel Society. I am looking forward to meeting everyone and a fun day of painting. Then on Monday evening, I will do a winter landscape demo for the Southeastern Pastel Society. I have had so much fun painting winter scenes the last couple of months and it will be fun to share with others my love of the winter landscape. Here is a collage of some recent paintings. Picasa has a cool collage tool!


Meda said...

I've been lurking around your blog for a long time admiring your talent with pastels. Actualy I get all your post in my e-mail. I really love how you paint flowers, but the winter scenes are the best I have ever seen. They are not just gray and white. So many colors make a season I don't like look warm and beautiful. I was wondering if you mind my learning from you. I would like to paint some watercolor sketches that somehow reproduce your winter scenes just as an exercise to get me started on painting a larger winter scene on canvas.

Karen said...

Thank you Meda,
I appreciate your visits to my blog. Feel free to use my paintings for your studies. I did get most of the reference photos for the winter paintings from the referenc image library of wetcanvas.com