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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I had a request for a closer look at the charts I prepared for my cloud and sky class. I want to thank Deborah Secor for her excellent instruction on creating 'lively' greys on wetcanvas.com. Making my own greys instead of reaching for the 'ready made' grey makes a big difference when painitng clouds. I encourage you to go through your own pastels and make a chart so you can see all the greys you will be able to make. Not only is it fun, it is very helpful!


Deborah Secor said...

Aw, thanks, Karen, but you've made this all your own now! I love the color chart of the different combos you can use to make grays, and the sky chart is just inspired! Excellent! (May I steal it? hee hee)

Karen said...

Deborah, Please do! You have helped me so much! I just find that since artists are such visual people, anything I can do to show what I am talking about can be helpful. Next time, I am going to have my students go through their pastel box and make their own charts since we all have different combination of colors.