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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Most Indispensable Studio Gadget

'Safe and Sound' 6x6 pastel ©Karen Margulis

I can't do without my masking tape dispenser! I can't believe I am saying this because I gave my husband such a hard time when he wanted to get one for me. But now I can't imagine painting without it. I use the dispenser for my white artist tape...which actually is also indispensable. I use a lot of artist tape in my daily studio activity so I tear a lot of tape. This dispenser is large enough to accommodate up to a one inch roll of tape. It is so much easier to get tape faster and cleaner with the dispenser. It seems minor but when you are using a lot of tape it is nice to be able to get a nice even piece of tape with only one hand. It is such a simple gadget but it really makes a big difference.

Can't live without my Masking Tape Dispenser and White Artist Tape
  • White artist tape is acid free and repositionable and it is very versatile in the studio.
  • I use it to secure my pastel paper to the support board (see below for my method)
  • It can be used to secure glassine paper to finished pastels. I use it to make my fome cor shipping sandwiches.
  • It can be used to attach your reference photo to your easel. You can write on the tape too if you want to add notes.
  • You can use the tape to mask off your reference photos to find compositions.

I Use White Artist Tape to secure my paper to a board by hinging the tape.

To make a hinge, put a piece of tape sticky side up on the back of your paper then put another piece of tape across the sticky tape. I like hinges because they use less tape than taping down paper on all sides. They also allow the entire piece of paper to be available to paint on. Best of all....hinges remain sticky for several paintings. When you are done with a painting gently peel your paper from the hinges leaving them in place for your next piece of paper.

I got my tape dispenser on Ebay but I found one on a restaurant supply website for $10. If you use a lot of artist tape, it will be the best $10 you ever spent!

What is your most indispensable studio gadget?


sandra burshell said...

what is the name brand of the case you mentioned Where do you buy it?

Sandra Burshell

Karen said...

Hi Sandra,
My tape dispenser is Excell brand but I got it on Ebay. I found something that looks similar on a restaurant website for $10. Here is the link

Andrée Casaubon said...

Hi Karen That white artist tape is it waterproof cause I do some watercolor and acrylic to? Thanks Andrée

Karen said...

Hi Andree,
I don't know if the tape is considered waterproof but I do wet underpaintings and get it on the tape and I never have any problems with it staying put. The nice thing about the tape is that it is easily removable and repositionable.

Sharon Orlando-Evans said...

Hi Karen,I love your Blog !!:)
Thank you, Sharon