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Monday, April 27, 2009

Nantucket Island Painting

'Path to Surfside Beach' 5x7 pastel
We have just finalized our summer vacation plans and we will be going back to Nantucket Island. I am very excited because we will be spending 5 nights and I will have time to paint! I started working on my family tree last year and discovered my family comes from Nantucket and actually traces back to the original settlers. I also traced our family back to the pilgrim Thomas Rogers and I am working on getting accepted into the Mayflower Society. But the best thing to come out of my research was the discovery of a cousin who still lives on Nantucket. We met him and his wife last summer and had such a wonderful time that we are going back! This painting is from a photo I took of beautiful Surfside Beach on Nantucket.


Gary Keimig said...

just checking out your blog Karen. Nice pastels. Like what you are doing.
God bless and keep it up

Karen said...

Thanks for visiting Gary! I appreciate your comment.

Rene said...

This is just great. You captured the right mood.

Jeff Wilson said...

Stunning! You've captured the vivid color palette and the roughness of the natural landscape. The tones & shadows capture the light with the blunt crispness of Wyeth's island series.
Thank you for sharing your gift.

Karen said...

Thank you Jeff. i can't wait to go back this summer with my pastels!