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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Large Wildflower Painting

We had a different class experience last night. I taught my lesson on Carlson's 'Theory of Angles' and did my demo painting but then my students wanted me to paint another one. I certainly didn't mind because I was on a roll but I felt bad that they didn't paint. They assured me that it was good to be able to watch and hear me think out loud about my painting process. I do enjoy watching demos myself so I can appreciate that. I happened to have this large for me 12x24 ready to go. I had done a watercolor underpainting already. Here is the finished painting. I had fun and hope that everyone learned something!


Regina Calton Burchett said...

This is beautiful and thanks for posting the larger view - just wonderful strokes, colors and movement!

Karen said...

Thanks Regina! I appreciate your comment about about the movement...that's what I was after!

Denver Don said...

Hi Karen. I check your work out often via DailyPainters. There's a freshness about it that I really love.

Today, though, I'm interested in your comment about a workshop on Carlson's theory of angles. Have you done a video of that? Although it's something that I try to keep in mind as I work, it occurs to me that I've never actually seen a demo.

Karen said...

Hi Don,
Thank you for visiting my blog! I wish I did a video of my demo. It is in my plans to start doing that. I will be posting my demo painting later today though. One thing I did for my students was redo the chart in Carlson's book to help them keep the four values in mind as they do their value studies. I am going to use it as well. Thanks again!