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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Fun with Sunflowers

'Purple Haze' 10x8 pastel on Pastelbord
Last night we painted sunflowers in class. Marsha's goal for us was to loosen up and have fun. We were to try different colors and strokes. I haven't painted sunflowers in awhile so it was fun. I was looking for a subject for my next series and sunflowers will be perfect. I have a neighbor who has a small patch of sunflowers so I got some photos to work from. I may even go over and do some plein air this weekend. I painted this one on reclaimed pastelbord. I think I will use all reclaimed paper for this series.


Cynthia said...

wow, great color!!!!

Karen said...

Thanks Cindy! It was fun to go wild with the color!