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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Commissioning a Marsh Painting

I am working with a family on a large 18x36 marsh commission. My usual procedure is to talk to the client about what they would like for the painting. In this case they had chosen a few of my marsh paintings that they liked and we discussed the changes they wanted. My next step is to do a few quick studies to show them. This way we can work out composition and colors before I commit to the big paper. In this case, they wanted a blue sky with clouds, more water and greener marsh grasses. You can see in the photo I have prints of the paintings they liked on the left and my three 4x6 studies on the right. Now I am waiting to see what they decide. Actually we ran into a bit of a misunderstanding....they wanted an acrylic painting and didn't realize mine were all pastel until I sent them this photo! I am trying to convince them that pastels are soooooo much better!!!! We'll see what they decide.

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