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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Featured Artist at Bella Vista Art Gallery

I know the photo is very tiny but it is all I have and I couldn't resist sharing! I am the featured artist at Bella Vista Art Gallery in Asheville, NC. I have a wall devoted to my work and there will be seven paintings on display. My friends Jayne and Cheryl were in Asheville and had a chance to visit the gallery and see my wall. They were very impressed with all of the artwork in the gallery. I can't wait to get over to Asheville sometime this fall!


Nancy said...

Karen, Congrats! I hope to get to Asheville & The Biltmore this fall, also and will definitely look forward to checking out the gallery and saying I know you! :) That is one of my favorite galleries in Asheville. How wonderful.

Karen said...

Thanks Nancy! I do hope you'll get to stop in this fall. I hope to myself!