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Friday, October 02, 2009

Painting of the Farm #2

'Farm View #2' 5x7 pastel
This is actually the third variation I've completed but since I plan to paint 100, I won't be posting all of them here on my blog. Most likely I will combine each week's paintings into one post. I am also keeping a log in which I will record the type of paper and pastels I use as well as any technique I am trying. This way I can always look back in my log to see how I did a painting....I know I will forget after about 10! I am having fun with these but this weekend is devoted to working on commissions!
I just found out that I made it into a Richard McKinley workshop! I was on two lists and made it into the workshop next September in the Sierra's Hope Valley, California. I am told I just made it in and there is a sizable waiting list! I know it is a year away but I am still excited. My husband will be joining me and will be taking some fly fishing lessons. I think this will be a great trip! California here we come!

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