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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Yellow Tree Fall Painting

'The Yellow Tree' 8x10 pastel
The yellow tree is a bright spot on a dreary day. We've been having dreary weather lately here in Georgia....lots of rain and no sun. I am ready for a beautiful, sunny Fall day. Here's a bright spot...my pastel order from Dakota came today! I got the Lorenzo Chavez Great American set and some Mt Visions. I am making up little sets of Autumn colors to have available at my Autumn workshop this weekend. They arrived just in time!


Nartizt said...

OOOOOooo, my favorite yellow green!

Karen said...

Thanks! It sure is a fun color to use!

Susannah said...

Just beautiful! Instead of saying "I wish I could paint like you" I'm going to say I'm so glad I found you and can be enriched by your work on a daily basis! Too bad Salieri didn't understand the importance of being part of the audience.