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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Today's Art Tip...Soft Pastel News

I am excited to introduce a couple of new features to my blog, the first one being a daily or almost daily Art Tip. In addition to sharing my daily paintings I will be adding a little art tidbit. It may be a just a quote or perhaps a link to a website I find interesting....or it may be a mini lesson or demo. The only criteria is that the tip will be art- related. It is my goal to give my visitors more than just a painting everyday. I am always reading and learning new things about art and it will be fun to share so I hope you will enjoy the journey with me. Bookmark or subscribe to blog if you haven't already!

Today's tip is a new website that I am sure pastel artists will find to be a great resource. It is called Soft Pastel News and the creator, Mario V has done a fantastic job gathering and presenting information about pastels. Here is what Mario says about the site:

This is not a blog about my art. It is a blog about interesting pastel art, pastel news and events that can be interesting to - I hope - wide pastel art audience. I spend a lot of time on the net searching for a beautiful and inspirational pastel art anyways, so I thought why not document it?
So far I have implemented:
•main feature of course is collecting news/articles/demos about soft pastel art/materials/events
•collection of instructional pastel videos on the youtube
•featured artist - every week or two presenting a new soft pastel artist
•Amazon based store where you can buy pastel books, DVDs, pastel sticks, paper...
•latest picks from WetCanvas Soft pastel forum
•one google ad that is related to art where I found that google gives some really interesting art ads.
•RSS feed

You can visit Soft Pastel News here. I am proud to have been chosen as the first featured artist!

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