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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Frosty Meadow...Winter Wildflower Painting

'Frosty Meadow' 8x10 pastel
I have painted wildflowers in every season and here is my winter addition to my series. Wildflowers in winter you may ask....well in this case I found these dried Queen Anne's Lace flowerheads covered in frost. For today's ART TIP I am sharing my process for this painting. This was done on white Ampersand Pastelbord on wich I did an underpainting with thinned oil paints. Last evening at the Southeastern Pastel Society meeting, Carly Hardy demonstrated this technique. She did a wonderful and colorful underpainting that could have been the finished painting! I was anxious to try it today. I used water mixable oils for ease of clean up but I am going to try my regular oils on the next one. Richard McKinley uses this technique. The key is to thin the oil paint to a consistency of tea....allow it to drip and interact with the other colors. It makes a wonderful dream-like underpainting on which to apply your pastels. Here is a link to Richard's explanation of this process.


Krista Hasson said...

Karen this is beautiful I love your use of color.

Karen said...

Thank you Krista. I find there is a lot of color in the winter. It is probably my favorite seasons to paint.