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Monday, January 11, 2010

Painting The Winter Landscape..mini workshop this Sunday

I finally got to download my son's winter and snow photos from his Smoky Mountain trip. I am looking forward to doing some winter paintings this week in preparation for my workshop this Sunday. We will be working on simplifying the winter landscape, the colors of snow, how to make some interesting special effects to enhance your snow paintings and much more. There are still a few openings so send me an email if you want more information.
This 7x5 pastel painting is done on an orange toned piece of canson board coated with a pumice mixture. It was a rough surface and I used a few layers of fixative to build up layers of pastel.

TODAYS ART TIP: This tip is for pastels....If you have canson board and you don't like the bumpy texture (what I consider to be their 'wrong' side) consider making it into your own surface by covering with a pumice mixture. There are many recipes and you can experiment to see what you like but all you do is mix some gesso with powdered pumice and a bit of water to get the consistency and grit you like. It is a good way to use up that canson board or matboard that you have sitting around!

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