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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Pear Study 4x6 pastel

'Pear Study for Two' 4x6 pastel
I had two private lessons today so my pile of pears got a good work out! I find that painting pears are a fun introduction to pastels. It is a simple shape so we can concentrate on making marks with the pastels. It was a fun and relaxing day which was a nice change from all of the organizing I have been doing lately.
I have finalized the plans for the Spring Plein Air Workshop in Murphy North Carolina. The workshop will be held on the weekend of May 14th. If you would like more information you can view a flyer here.

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Kerri Settle said...

I just love all the colors in this, it's ridiculously eye catching.

Karen said...

Thanks Kerri! pears can be so much fun to paint. I appreciate your comment!

Jo Castillo said...

Nice Karen, I love to paint pears and apples. My fall back. You might like to submit your pears to my friend Regina's site, www.pearathon.com All pears welcome. No fee, contest, etc. Just to enjoy pears. :)

Karen said...

Hi Jo, Thanks for the link to your friend's site. I love it! Love your pear painting on the site too. We will be painting more pears tonight at my master class and I'll share the website with everyone. I know they will enjoy it.