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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cruise Ship Plein Air!

I think after four cruises with pastels I have finally perfected the art of lounge chair painting! There is nothing like sitting in the sun looking at the sea and painting with pastels. Here are a couple of photos of my set-up and a silly one of me painting the sky. I painted a sky everyday which turned into a fun series. Here is how I packed my supplies: Everything I needed fit nicely into a small backpack/laptop bag. I brought two small boxes of pastels, both of them repurposed wood boxes that I lined with foam. In the biggest box I carried 160 pastels. They were 1/3 of a stick of Great Americans from my McKinley and Chavez sets. The smaller box carried a mix of Nupastels and Giraults. I could easily paint with just this set alone but I like the soft and buttery GA's. I brought a few hand towels so I don't get the loungers dusty. For my support I use a small piece of foamcore and artist tape to attach my paper. I only bring small paper no larger than 5x7 which I keep in a clear envelope. Finished paintings are slipped into the pages of a magazine until I get home. I find this holds a lot of paintings and keeps them clean and safe. The back pack holds all of my other miscellaneous supplies such as watercolors, sketching stuff, alcohol, fixative... none of which I used! I think I will use this same set up for my summer trip to the Tetons and Yellowstone only I will carry my small travel easel from Jusdon Plein air since there will be no lounge chairs!

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