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Monday, March 01, 2010

Poppy Painting...Need Title!

11x14 pastel
I am stumped for a title for this painting! It is a larger interpretation of one of my other poppy paintings and I can't come up with a good title. The story behind the scene...it was summer in the smoky mountains. I was out for a morning walk with a Jayne, my sister and my nephew Colin. To our horror, my sister and nephew were picking the wildflowers as fast as Jayne and I could snap pictures of them. It was a misty gray morning wich made the flowers even more bright and beautiful...especially the wild poppies. I'd appreciate any ideas for a good title! The painting is done directly with soft pastels on Wallis. I used my favorite Richard Mckinley set of Great Americans with a few accents of a Terry Ludwig dark.

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