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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Sunflower Painting Pastel with Alcohol Wash

'Happiness' 8x10 pastel
For today's painting I did an underpainting with Nupastels and an alcohol wash. I tried not to cover up all of my underpainting but as usual I did! I like how the underpainting helped me get the yellow of the petals bright and vibrant. I also had fun at the end with some line work with harder pastels. This one was fun to paint!


Mariela said...

very interesting technique!!
I would like to try it!!
Is it a bit like doing an underpainting with watercolors??
How do you manage to work with hard pastels over soft? When I tried once I wasn't so satisfied with my marks so I gave up.

Karen said...

Hi Mariela,
It is a great technique! It looks almost like a watercolor underpainting but usually much more intense. You should use a hard pastel though because the softer ones can get gummy when they are wet with the alcohol. As far as the hard pastels over soft....I used them to make linear marks and pressed down fairly hard.

Mariela said...

Thank you!