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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Promise of Spring Pastel Landscape

'Promise of Spring' 8x10 pastel
Today's painting is the demo I did for my Introduction to Pastel Workshop. I had five students spend the day in my studio learning the basics of pastels. We had a fun time and everyone came away with some nice paintings. I hope that they will be hooked on this wonderful medium! For this demo I was showing how to start a simple landscape by layering softer pastels over hard. We also did another painting with an alcohol wash which I will share tomorrow. Now I am tired! It has been a full week of teaching and painting but it is so much fun!


Μαριέλα said...

And you also have us...!!
I love the colors of your painting,
wondering whether I am for the full or for the high key paintings...
Have a nice day...!!!

Karen said...

Thank you Mariela,
I am so lucky to have students from around the world! I liked the high key paintings and I will definitely be doing more with them! I'll be in touch.