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Monday, April 19, 2010

Dogwoods and Azaleas SOLD

'Dogwoods and Azaleas' 8x10 pastel
The azaleas are in full bloom in my yard and it is a sea of pink and purple. I love my yard in the Spring! This pastel painting was the demo I did for my class last week. We all painted a Spring flowering tree which I think is the hardest kind of tree to paint.
This week I am finally getting caught up....I think! I will be working hard on getting my online classes in order. It is taking me longer than anticipated but I am still working on putting together a great online experience. Those of you waiting to register...I appreciate your patience!


Susannah said...

If I were young and getting married, I would carry this painting instead of a bouquet! It is delicate and lovely but it is new life,fresh new beginnings, and everything I said about Spring Flowering Tree goes for this one too!

Adriana said...

Beautiful-the colors are so vibrant!

Karen said...

Thank you Adriana!