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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nantucket Island Dunes Pastel Painting 8x10

'Nantucket Dunes' 8x10 pastel
What do you do with your unsuccessful plein air paintings? We had this discussion this weekend and agreed that plein air paintings should be approached with the mindset that they are studies....a chance to gather visual information for future paintings. If you end up with a winner than that is icing on the cake. Well this weekend I ended up with a couple of paintings that I was pleased with and a few duds. On Sunday we painted at an apple orchard and I was really enjoying the experience and thought my paintings weren't too bad....well looking at them today I decided that they were terrible! But I saw something in them that I liked and I could imagine the hills as dunes and the distant blue mountains as the sea. So I wiped them out and painted these dunes. From apple trees and mountains to dunes...now that is a transformation!

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