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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Forest Walk Pastel Landscape 8x10

'Deep Dark Woods' 8x10 pastel
Walking in the woods of Yellowstone very late in the afternoon was a bit unnerving especially since we had just heard about the Grizzly Bear attack that had ocurred the day before. But we wanted to walk to the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone from our lodge room and we figured we had enough daylight. What we didn't figure was how dark it was deep in the woods. The only light we had were the beams of the setting sun as they made trails of light across the forest floor. So we sang and chatted and jingled our Bear Bell and we got to the other side of the woods without seeing a bear!


Diane Artz Furlong said...

You are very brave.

Diane Artz Furlong said...

You are very brave.

Karen said...

It was worth it. The waterfall was spectacular and we saw an osprey nest in the cliffs with a mom & babies!

pastelliste said...

Thank you for this beautiful painting !

eflores said...

Hello! I am a blogger myself! I came across your painting and it depicts a poem I wrote for my blog. It is very beautiful. I was wondering if I may post the picture along with an original poem that I am going to post today? Please? Thank you in advanced. I will subscribe to your blog! Nice work. I hope you can return the favor. Thank you for your time!
-Erick Flores