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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Blue Ridge Mountain Pastel 11x14

'Morning Softness' 11x14 pastel
This morning I had the opportunity to teach a private lesson to a wonderful portrait artist who wishes to paint landscapes. What a pleasure to meet her and share some thoughts on painting the landscape. She lives on a 42 acre farm in the mountains with a stream, chickens, horses, a donkey and wonderful views. She wants to be able to paint the beauty she sees everyday. I painted this scene to demonstrate some of the things we talked about...values in the landscape, aerial perspective, dealing with green. It was a fun morning and I look forward to working with her again and perhaps being able to paint on her farm someday!

1 comment:

Steve Washburn said...

Hi Karen, Really like this! That foreground blue in your painting puts me standing under the shade of a roadside tree.