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Saturday, September 25, 2010

California Coastal Marsh 11x14

'The Morning Drive' 11x14 pastel
I finally had a chance to paint today after my trip to California. I have been itching to do some watercolor underpaintings after the Richard McKinley workshop. I'll call this one a double underpainting. I like my initial watercolor underpainting well enough but I did not like that I was putting on too much pastel....so I spritzed it with alcohol and water (thanks Holly for the inspiration!) let it drip and went at it again. I like it much better now.
In the morning I am flying to New York City for the PSA awards. I am meeting up with a friend from the Southeastern Pastel Society who also is accepting an award for her painting so we will have a great time! I plan on taking lots of photos!

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