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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Autumn Aspens 2009 and 2010

'Autumn Aspens II' (top) 11x14 'Autumn Aspens I' 11x14 Karen Margulis
I decided to revisit a painting I did a year ago and try a new version using some of the things I have learned at the recent workshops I have attended. The top painting is the new version and the bottom painting was done last year. My goal for the new painting was to lighten up and simplify. I painted it from the older painting and not the original reference photo which is another one of my new goals....to rely less on my photos and when I do use them, I will put them away after awhile and let the painting tell me what it needs. I think it will be a good learning experience to take more of last year's work and try the same thing.


Marian Fortunati said...

They are both lovely in different ways.

I think you've hit on a good way to study and improve... hmmmmmm.

Sara Mathewson said...

Wow Karen! i love it. I love them both, but the top one just really speaks to me. i love the looseness of it!!

helen said...

Like them both - the newer one is more 'airy'.

Marilyn Russell said...

Both paintings are lovely but the new one is the style for which I am aiming. I will learn from you by simplifying and ditching the photo when the painting tells me to. Thanks and keep painting.

Karen said...

Thank you Marilyn. It is something I try to do more of. I got some interesting reaction in that some like the older version better!

Sheriart said...

I think you acheived your goal. It is lovely. I think I could learn something from this. I love seeing your growth.