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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kiawah Sunset #4 pastel

'Kiawah Sunset #4' pastel Karen Margulis
I know it's not the most original title but it is the 4th time I have painted this scene. This one was done at the Ann Templeton workshop this past weekend. The workshop was on abstracting the landscape and we worked from photos. I decided to paint form references that I used before and try to be a bit more abstracted than the previous versions. I think that this one is the most painterly version of this scene. I tried not to spell out all of the details. I need some time now to digest everything I have learned over the last couple of months from Richard McKinley and Ann Templeton. Usually I wouldn't take workshops so close together but it was a great opportunity and I am very glad that I got to do both. Now I need to just get painting!

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hbrinkley said...


Jo Castillo said...

Very beautiful. So nice to get to take workshops from good instructors. You can learn so much from those two! Anxious to see more. :)

Elaine said...


This is really beautiful - I love your colors. One of my favorite paintings.

Karen said...

Thanks Holly,we missed you and I know you would have enjoyed Ann.

Karen said...

Thanks Jo, they were both wonderful and their teachings definitely complemented one another.

Karen said...

Thank you Elaine. :)