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Monday, November 22, 2010

Experimenting with Monoprints and Pastel

Inside a Meadow I & II 5x7 monoprint with pastel
'Inside a Meadow' 8x10 monoprint oil paint on Canson paper
This is going to be fun! A few weeks ago my son sent me photos of the monoprints he has been doing at school. (He is a student at SAIC) I was intrigued but haven't had time to try my own. Today I decided to try monoprinting. I don't have the proper supplies but tried some black water soluble oil paint on a glass plate. I drew into the paint with Q-tips and bamboo skewers. I used some moonstone color Canson paper and hand printed my image using the back of a wooden spoon. I am sharing my first attempts but my second print of poppies came out better I think. After I printed the 8x10 paper I pulled two more 5x7's which created more of a ghost image. I have read that Degas used these ghost prints for many of his pastels so I decided to add pastel to the two smaller prints. I printed on the smooth side and the bumpy side of the paper. I love to experiment and I know I will be trying more monoprints! Now to add some pastel to my poppies!


Patricia Lee said...

Exciting technique & I did not know that about Degas. I have enjoyed your work for a long time! Thanks for sharing this new idea (to me) as I can see the possibilities for some 'happy accidents'!

Miriam M. Hughes said...

I loved seeing the same subject with the three techniques. I feel like I am in a course reading your blog. I used your dog from the other day to work out a problem I was having with a dog I am working on right now! Thank you.

Meda said...

They look fantastic.
I love seeing your experiments!

Karen said...

Thanks Patricia. I can't wait to try more. I love happy accidents!

Karen said...

Miriam, Thanks for the kind words. I'm so glad you enjoy my blog and can learn from it! I appreciate hearing from you!

Karen said...

Thanks Meda!