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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Bison At Grand Teton National Park

'Morning at the Ranch' 11x14 pastel
This past summer we spent a week at Moulton Ranch Cabins in the Grand Teton National Park. Every morning a huge herd of bison would wander past the ranch and we would gather inside the fence to watch the parade. It was magical! To see bison of all sizes from huge 'Big Daddys' to mamas with their babies was fascinating. I can still hear them shuffle through the grass and grunt and groan. Every once and awhile a few would break away from the herd and run....and I now know what it means to sound as loud as a herd of buffalo! What an awesome experience.


Patricia Lee Christensen said...

Wonderful palette! You have captured the weight of this huge guy! Well done...

helen said...

Wonderful colors!