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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Power Poppies...monotyes and pastel

'Power Poppies III' 5x7 monotype with pastel
'Power Poppies I' 5x7 monotype
'Power Poppies II' 5x7 monotype
I have been having so much fun with these monotypes. For these poppies I used water mixable oils paints on a glass plate. They are hand printed. The bottom photo shows them in order. For the first print on the left there is no addition of pastel. For the second print I added more paint to the plate and changed the flowers a bit. The third print is the 'ghost print ' from the second version. That one printed much lighter and so I used it as a base for adding pastel. This was different from my previous prints because I used color on the plate rather than just black ink. I am getting more adventurous!


yun yi said...

you art works amaze me! so natural, casual and beautiful. you print making technique is so creative and effective. i am an art teacher and i plan to teach my students printmaking next year. i shall come to visit your place often to get inspired! great works!

bernie said...

I am a bit confused. You say that you used only black ink on the plate for the first two prints. For the first painting you added no pastel. So where did the color come in?

Karen said...

Thank you very much yun yi. I appreciate your comments. Your students are fortunate to have you as their teacher. I am sure they will enjoy printmaking!

Karen said...

Hi Bernie,
Sorry if I wasn't clear in my post. What I meant was that for the monotypes I had done before these poppies, I had only used black ink. For all of the prints in this post I used other colors of oil paint. That was confusing!
Thanks for looking at my blog I appreciate it!