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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

'Behind the Scenes' Cow Painting 12x24

'Behind the Scenes' 12x24 Pastel Karen Margulis
close-up details
Underpainting with gouache
I wish the photo showed the scale of the painting better. 12x24 is actually large for me! I had this photo for a couple of years and I've been wanting to paint it. I took the photo while Jayne, Holly and I wandered around the Amish Country in PA. I couldn't resist taking a photo of these cows as they ate. I thought they needed a long format. I did an underpainting with gouache and did a few layers of pastel, used some fixative so I could get a bit of texture and more contrast. It was a fun change of pace for me. I am doing a little farm series and have some chickens, sheep and pigs on my list!

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1 comment:

Angela said...

Karen, this is so cool! Ha.. I love the title too.