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Thursday, December 09, 2010

Winter Cold Pastel Painting 11x14

'Winter Cold' 11x14 pastel
It has been cold here in Georgia the past week and there is more cold on the way! We get the cold weather but no snow to enjoy. I really don't mind the cold weather as long as I am dressed warmly. My studio had a gas heater which does a good job of keeping the room warm. I think it also helps to know my husband and I will be taking our annual winter cruise in January. Winter is his slowest time at work so it is usually when we take our vacation. We have gotten some great deals on cruises which makes them such a good value and there is nothing more relaxing than sitting on a lounge chair and painting caribbean scenes!


Kathy Cousart said...

Yes, unseasonably cold here in Georgia- I think the warm reds and yellows in the top of this can warm us up though. Love those values and tones. Great job.

Barbara said...

Very nice Karen!

Anonymous said...

This is really beautiful! I love the colors chosen- I love the icy-ness of the water against the snow as well as the reflecting. I live in the Midwest- and we are about to get another whollop of snow! I hope the cold that follows will not be heading your way-

Karen said...

Thank you everyone! Maybe we are in for some snow of our own this weekend!!

Remi said...

This one looks really GREAT!!!