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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Winter Landscape 9x12 pastel

'Winter Hush' 9x12 pastel
Here is a winter scene that is a bit different for me. I decided to leave it very soft and loose. I had planned on doing a more detailed painting but this painting had another plan. I blame it on the paper! I used a piece of watercolor paper that I prepared with pumice mix that was tinted peach. I thought that the texture of the paper would help create the lacy effect of the bare branches. That didn't happen! The brushmarks of the pumice mix were going in the wrong direction! So I did something I never do...I rubbed it all in with my fingers (yes I did Susan!!) and I actually liked the softness. I did go back and add pastel but I chose not to put in too much detail. Now I need to try another version and make my textured brushstroke work for me! That's the plan anyway.

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Kathy Cousart said...

Beautiful! Love the softness and the colors are wonderful.

Barbara said...

You have such a gift for texture (your bird's nests are my favorites) but with this one you have come more into the world I know (rub, wipe it off, etc.). Very nice winter scene Karen.

Karen said...

Thank you Kathy. My favorite colors!!

Karen said...

Thanks Barbara. I am not used to rubbing in and leaving it alone. I was taught' Touch it not!' so it is hard to go in and blend!

Barbara said...

Sometimes it is good to forget what we have been taught if it is just another person's opinion (or at least ask why and then decide for yourself). Love those bird's nests though!

ti-igra said...

Karen, your colours and landscapes are so beautiful! :-)
They are soft and created with love :)