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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Daisies 5x7 pastel

'Karen's Daisies' 5x7 pastel
These are my daisies because they are from my imagination. I just had fun playing with color and painting one of my favorite flowers. I plan on doing more imagination paintings. This one was too much fun. I am gearing up to a total redo of my pastel box. I have so many little pieces and everything is a dusty mess. I will go 'shopping' in my own studio and replace the bits and pieces with new pastels. I dread it but it will be wonderful when I am finished!


Mariela said...

I like very much the "cubist" aspect of your painting...
I hope I'm exressing myself right.

Sara Mathewson said...

This is a lovely painting! How fun to "shop" in your own studio:)
But i understand about redoing your pastel box. I have mine in various boxes by color and at one point they were in neat rows set up by color, temp, and value and now they are a mess. I dread redoing them! I paint with a friend and often she doesn't even get the pastel back in the right color box! LOL! It's a daunting task. I will have to do it at some point, but not looking forward to it. Right now searching for that right color is truly a pain! So, I know it will be very helpful, but when painting with a friend it is hard to expect her to put things back in the right order. I will have to get her to help me to do this.

Karen said...

Thank you Mariela. It is so interesting to see what we come up with without any references!

Karen said...

Sara I agree. I so dread the cleaning out of the box. Last time I did it it took me all day! It will be worth it!