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Monday, January 17, 2011

New England Landscape 8x10

I call this painting 'Contemplation' because it is the perfect spot to sit and contemplate ... or just enjoy being outside in a peaceful landscape. This happens to be a spot on Nantucket Island, one of my favorite places.
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Kim Blair said...

Hi Karen:
I wanted to comment on your sunflower #5 from your posting on 'Daily Painter Originals' today... can you believe that you and I painted the almost exact same painting? How freaky is that! I almost posted mine yesterday, but something told me to wait until today.

Gwen Bell said...

Beautiful landscape! The white Daisy add such a pleasing atmosphere!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful landscape makes me feel like I just want to plop down and have a picnic. Oh and your sunflower on DPO is fab too!

Ruth Andre said...

Wow! This is just so lovely. I can feel the breeze.

Also want to say your sunflower painting is quite lovely on Fresh Paint.

Mark Nesmith said...

Beautiful work - pastel has always been a favorite and you handle the medium beautifully. Love the atmosphere and directness of your color and strokes.

Mark Nesmith

Karen said...

Thank you all so much for the wonderful comments! I have been away and unable to get online to say thanks! I appreciate it:)