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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Steps to a Wildflower Painting

'Dancing Wildflowers' 16x20 pastel
I'd like to share some photos of my process for this painting. My inspiration for this one is actually one of my older paintings. I wanted to use the painting as my reference instead of using photos. I chose to put down a layer of hard pastels which I washed in with turpenoid. As the turpenoid dripped I turned the paper in different directions so I could get a tangle of grasses with the drips. I then added my softer pastels when this underpainting was dry. The result is a similar subject but a different look to the finished painting.


Jeanie Schlump said...

This is fantastic! It looks SO painterly! Thank you for sharing the preliminary steps. Is this on sandpaper?

Marilyn Russell said...

Thanks for the process. I had no idea pastels could use underpainting. I was amazed at the pink sky. I do the same thing with my acrylics. I appreciated the photos, and the resulting painting.