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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Meadow Study 5x7

'Meadow Study' 7x5 pastel
Sometime when flipping through my photos one jumps out at me and I just need to paint from it. This scene was actually next to a truck stop somewhere in Indiana. It was the most wonderful filed of Queen Anne's Lace I had ever seen. I could have stayed there all day but we were headed to Chicago to bring my son to school. I would love to find that meadow again!


Gwen Bell said...

Beautiful! I really like the rich red showing through the flowers and the way they make a visual carpet out to the tree.

Vanessa said...

Nicely done! I really like the perspective you used and how you emphasised it with the flowers. Now you're inspiring me to try some mini landscape paintings!

Karen said...

Thank you Gwen! I will have to remember that...I like making visual carpets!

Karen said...

Thank you Vanessa. You should try some mini landscape. They are so much fun to play with!