Thursday, February 17, 2011

Monotype Nest with pastel

'Three Jewels' 5x7 monotype with pastel
This medium has so many exciting possibilities and I am loving it! This monotype was done with white ink printed on Somerset Black Velvet paper. I used the subtractive method to draw the nest on my plate before printing. The white nest on the black paper looked interesting but I decided to go ahead and add some pastel. You can see the texture of the paper and some of the ink lines from the print underneath the pastel. I am not sure what my favorite process is yet. I have been experimenting with different inks and paints and papers but need to keep going! If you would like to try some monotypes with or without pastel I will be having a mini workshop February 26 or 27 at my Marietta Georgia studio. Come play with us if you are in the area!

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The soft effect is great on the feathers!!Love this work!!

Karen said...

Thank you Claudia! This is a fun technique!!


Lovely piece Karen. Love especially the coloring of the turquoise blues.
I have taken monotype classes and so conducive with pastels. Fun!