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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Today's Painting and my Great News!

'Autumn Mist' 8x10 pastel
I have exciting news to share today! I just found out that I am now a Signature member of the Pastel Society of America which means I can use the initials PSA when I sign my work! I am honored to have been juried as a signature member. It has been one of my top goals so I am thrilled! I wanted to paint today but too many errands got in the way so hopefully tomorrow I will be able to sign my first painting with PSA! Actually I don't really know what I will do about signing my name. I have always signed with just my initials and not my name. It would look funny if I signed KEM PSA...so so I start signing my whole name? Is it OK to change the way you sign a painting? Any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Congratulations and Yay! I think you should keep your signature as it is and just mention in the info about yourself that most people include with the paintings that are sold (and I assume you do too) that you are a signature member of PSA. Either someone is going to buy your painting or not, and I think that decision will be based on your lovely work, not your signature.

Judie Freer said...

Congratulations on PSA !! They are your paintings and you can sign them anyway you like !! Personally, I would like to see "Karen Margulis, PSA.

Thank you so much for your daily paintings...I am learning so much from you.

Cindy Michaud said...

congratulations! you can keep your initials and a smaller psa underneath it...geeze, if i went to all that work and got it, I'd flaunt it....wait a mintute: when I get it I will use it.

Anonymous said...

I cannot think of a person more deserving of this great honor.
What an artist you are, Karen.

In terms of your signature, well, KEM is how you are known and from that perspective it would be worth keeping. However, this is a new day and if it marks a change in your journey, then maybe a new, or modified, signature is in order. Whatever you decide, it will be right.

Again, congratulations. I love your work. SKlemm

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on this achievement. I have been receiving your paintings in my in box for some time
I know why the PSA elected you as a Signature member.
Regarding your signature-you could continue to sign your paintings as you have ben doing with PSA perhaps in brackets next to your initials You could sign your paintings with the first letter of your first name, last name and then PSA. Artists do change how they sign their work. Also consider signing your paintings on the back as an additional way of identifying you as the artist. I would not use magic marker because it can bleed through, I sign my acrylic paintings with my initials and since they are not written large I am going to sign them on the back with pencil. I may change how I sign them but regardless I am also going to id them on the back. Whatever you decide make sure that PSA is by your signature-you worked hard to earn this distinction.


Karen said...

Thank you All!!
I appreciate everyones congratulations and your suggestions for using my signature. Lots of great ideas to mull over. I appreciate you all making my blog a part of your routine. I appreciate all of you!!

Teri said...

Much congratulations, Karen! Such exciting news and well deserved!

Susannah said...

How did I miss this? Karen congratulations! It's about time! (throwing multi colored confetti)YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am thrilled for you.

hmuxo said...

CONGRATULATIONS Karen! So well deserved. I personally, would sign last name..PSA. However, you can sign it the way you feel comfortable. Your daily paintings are wonderful.

Sara Mathewson said...

Congratulations Karen! This is a well deserved accomplishment!
i know Stan Sperlak signs his paintings with his initials and on the back gives info abut himself including that he is a sig. member of the PSA. that could be an option if you want to continue using the same signature. Funny, I just switched to signing my name with my initials a little while back. I had been signing my work with my fist initial and then my last name. This gives me something to think about.

Someday i hope to be a sig. member of PSA, but I am really at the beginning of my art journey as far as selling goes and haven't even entered any shows as of yet. So, if it is to be it will be in the distant future!

I am so excited for you and know you have worked hard to get to this. And your work speaks for itself really! i have been following your progress over the past few years and wow have you grown as an artist! You were very good then but you are great now! I hope to also take a workshop from you someday. I so admire your work and have learned lots just by following your blog but know I could learn so much more in a workshop setting!

Take care!

tj said...

Congratulations Karen on becoming a signature member of PSA!!!! I love your art, esp. the red and yellow poppies I bought off of ebay, and of course viewing your daily paintings!! Tami