Friday, May 27, 2011

Taos Poppy 5x7

'Taos Poppy' 5x7 pastel
It felt great to get in the studio and paint today! Even though I have a lot of work to do before my Dad comes to fix a leak in the corner of the studio I had to take a painting break! I am working on removing all of my supplies from the shelves so that they can be moved out of the way for the repairs. I am taking time to organize and sort so it is a long process. I can be such a pack rat!
Just a reminder that my summer pastel classes 'Beat the Heat' will be starting on June 8th from 7-9 pm. The first class is Georgia O'Keeffe Night where we will paint big!! This poppy isn't big at 5x7 but I wanted to try out the composition before I did something larger. I will need some more red pastels!
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