Tuesday, June 14, 2011

ACEO Mini Pastel Paintings

Presenting all 10 of the mini pastel originals that I am auctioning in my ebay store this week. Check them out here: MINI PAINTING AUCTIONS I haven't put any aceo's on auction in a year but I thought I would offer a few this week. They are small but look great in a frame or matted and framed...perfect for the small spot that needs some art!
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Dee Sanchez said...

Your little pastels are wonderful! I may bid on one or two. I have a dumb question: how did you get all the little thumbnails to post up so nicely in your blog?

Karen said...

Hi Dee,
I Love your work! I was just in Albuquerque for the IAPS convention and got to see your show. It was wonderful to see them all in person! I get those thumbnails by making a collage in Picasa. They offer a 'collage' button and you can change it around and set it up in different ways. It's fun to play with!