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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Datura Bloom close-up

'A Closer Look' 11x14 pastel
I am taking a break from cleaning to organize my studio for next week's classes. I have a full week of private lessons which is a lot of fun because everyone is working on something different. One of my students would like to work on flowers and doing some close-up views. I have been playing with this theme lately so this will be a fun class!

1 comment:

Sara Mathewson said...

Love this painting Karen. I'm moving back to AZ and we have these in ditches and washes etc. i have a painting by a very talented artist and good friend that is about the Datura and incorporates them in the painting. so it is a special flower to me though poisonous! I'm excited for your move to New Mexico. I know you will love living there. It is "the enchanted state" after all:)