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Sunday, June 12, 2011

La Tierra Encantada ....Soon to be Home!

'La Tierra Encandata' 8x8 pastel
Now that our son has graduated from college and our daughter is settled into her sophomore year, Michael and I have decided we would like a new adventure. We decided that we would move and explore another part of the country. We are fortunate that both of our jobs will allow us to make a move so we have given much thought as to where we would like to go. We both agree that we would like to try New Mexico! We have both visited NM several times and my recent visit to Albuquerque, even with the smoke, confirmed our decision. So....we are working hard to get our home ready to sell and as soon as it does....we will be on our way! Though realistically with today's market, we are prepared to wait awhile. I have a timeline for the house projects and hope to have the house ready to sell by July....so with painting, teaching and home projects I will be very busy this summer!


nina kuriloff said...

This is a beautiful image!

Anonymous said...

I'm excited for you Karen as you start this new adventure! I'm sure you will continue to find lots of inspiration in that beautiful landscape.

oil painting techniques said...

Great painting! I like it!

Sara Mathewson said...

Love this painting! good luck with your move. where in NM do you want to live or did you already say? I've lived in Las Cruces, Albuquerque and Silver City. I myself wouldn't chose Las Cruces, but a lot of people do. Albuquerque is nice, and a good sort of "central location" not too far from Santa Fe and Taos but not quite so high plus it costs more to live in Santa Fe. there are lots of small towns that are intriguing if you can get away with living in a small town. i loved Silver City when I was there, but my spouse didn't like it much and wouldn't have gone back to live there. Lot's of artists there but then there are lots of artists in Albuquerque too. Bigger town means more things to do too.
I wish you luck on your journey! I'm moving back to AZ at the end of July/beg. of Aug. when my lease is up here(Mpls.) So, I will be closer to you and able to take a workshop if you will still be doing that:) You can't beat the SW that is for sure! i love it there!


Karen said...

Hi Sara,
We are thinking about Albuquerque. My husband is in car sales so a larger city would be better for him. I really wouldn't mind a small town but probably need to stick to a city for now. Our plan is to do a short term lease somewhere so we can explore and see where we might like to settle. I definitely plan to teach so hopefully we will meet since we will be almost neighbors!!

Jo Castillo said...

Karen, Congratulations! Exciting is right. We are from NM and live in central Texas in the winter. We summer in the mountains of NM. We have family in ABQ so maybe I can finally meet you! Las Cruces is nice as it is close to El Paso, as well as Cloudcroft and Ruidoso for the mountains. It's all good! Good luck.

scall0way said...

I'm very behind in the blogs I follow, mainly because I'm so busy trying to clear out my house and fix it up because I'm moving too! (NJ to Jacksonville, FL). Moving to NM is quite a big adventure. I remember visiting there as a teenager. I especially loved Santa Fe. I remember camping out in the country outside the city, listening to the eerie howl of coyotes off in the distance. A big change from the east coast!