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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Finch Nest Pastel Painting 6x6

'Among the Ferns' 6x6 pastel
I have been working with the square format this week and trying to adapt some of the subjects I've already painted in a square. This nest is 6x6 on black Pastelmat paper. I really do enjoy this surface but I only have one piece left so I am being stingy. I will have to order some more! I am often asked what my favorite paper is and I can honestly say I enjoy most of them. My choice depends on my mood and my plan for the painting. If I want to do an underpainting I will choose Uart or mounted Wallis. Lately I am enjoying Canson paper. I like the challenge to be quick and sure of my strokes and I just enjoy the soft feel of the paper. It's funny how we can change our preferences of materials as we gain more experience. My advice is to try them all and don't give up on any surface....you may decide you really do like it.


Marian Fortunati said...

Very attractive. (again)

Karen said...

Thank you! :)