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Saturday, June 04, 2011

Live from IAPS

I am posting from my iPad and for some reason I don't see the option for adding a picture so until i figure it out I'll just give a written report! Internet at the hotel is very slow so I keep getting timed out so posting, has been a challenge. I am having a wonderful time at the convention. So many wonderful pastel artists at the same place. It is so inspiring!
I have great news to share.....my painting ,Blue Skies Ahead won the poster competition! I was so surprised and honored. It is for sale at the trade show and i hope people will like them! I bought a bunch!
Yesterday I had a hands on class with Fred Somersault that was wonderful. I learned some new techniques that I can't wait to try. I will try to post my painting later if i figure out how. I also attended a demo by Desmond O Haagan which was awesome. I love his work and his demo was amazing. I would love to take a longer workshop with him. Today i have a hands on class with Liz Haywod Sullivan and I cant wait! More later from IAPS!


Marian Fortunati said...

Aside from the honor, do you get residuals on the sale of the poster???
Hope you have a good time. I'm wondering how you're using your IPAD. Curious if it's worth more than a computer usefulness-wise.

Donna T said...

Hi Karen and congratulations on the poster! It's a beautiful painting in every way and very deserving of the award!!!

Carolyn said...

Congrats on winning the poster competition!!!! Yay! I was rooting for you!

Sara Mathewson said...

Karen, that is so awesome abut the painting being picked for the poster!
It is really a beautiful painting and you so deserve the honor. Before I had to cancel going to the IAPS, I was scheduled for the hands on with Fred Somers and the demo by Desmond O'Hagen. the other two were the demo by Richard McKinley and the demo by Clark Mitchell. so we would have been in two classes together! Well, hopefully next time I will be able to do it. I ended up having to come down to AZ to see my Dr. and get my RV ready for me to move down here in August. next time I should be more settled:)
Have more fun!


David Patterson said...

Congratulations on the poster Karen...it's beautiful1 Sorry we didn't get to chat more...it was such a busy week! I just got home, and can hardly wait for 2013 to roll around!

I consider Desmond to be my mentor, and if he's back in 2013, I'm tacking my 3rd workshop from him.

Hope to see you again...next time we will chat more.

Pat N said...

Congratulations! You are a terrific artist and awesome teacher!