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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Another Painting on Sandpaper

'Desert Sunset' 5x7 pastel
Now I am on a mission to find a pastel paper that feels the same as this wet/dry black sandpaper. I love how it feels to paint on this surface. It is like buttering toast with nice soft butter and watching it just glide on. And yet you can still get sharp detail if you want. Although the package says it is 600 grit, it seems smoother than the Uart 600 grit. I will try some of the smoother Uart. I usually use the two middle grits. Maybe I really prefer my paper smooth?? Hmmmm experiments are in order! This little painting is from a photo I took of the sunset we experienced in Arches National Park. The colors that evening were awesome! I love the desert!

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1 comment:

Teri said...

Hi Karen,
Have you tried Wallis "Archival Sanded Paper for Pastel and Oil"? It comes in pads of 8 sheets or so. I have a pad of 9 x 12". I was painting will oils on it but will also try pastel one day.
It may not be as silky smooth as you might like. I agree with you about that black sandpaper! It is even nice for acrylic and oil!