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Monday, September 26, 2011

'Sunset from the Platform' 8x10 pastel with Terry Ludwig's Mystery Box

So today I went down to my studio with the intention of painting one marsh scene with my new set of Terry Ludwigs. For this week's pastel class all of my students got a mystery set and we are going to use only our sets to paint. I figured I better practice with mine. Well.....8 paintings later I stopped! I had so much fun trying to see what I could do with these 14 pastels. I just couldn't stop at one painting. I'll post a collage of all of them later and I will also post pictures of the work we do at Wednesday's class. I can't wait!
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1 comment:

Sara Mathewson said...

i love this painting! It really has a nice glow to it and well is just beautiful. I love all of your work but this one is one of my current fav's of yours:) Although your flower paintings rock too!