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Monday, November 28, 2011

On the Way to Yankee Boy Basin...Colorado Wildflowers

'On the Way to Yankee Boy Basin' 8x10 pastel
Today I had a chance to paint another scene for my Colorado Wildflower series. We took a jeep ride up to Yankee Boy Basin at the height of the wildflower season. It is something I always wanted to do and I wasn't disappointed. There was one section of the road where the meadows were covered in these blue purple flowers. It was breathtaking! I managed to snap some photos as we bumped along in the jeep! This painting is 8x10 on Canson paper.

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Irma said...

This is so beautiful! I would love to see the photo that inspired this painting, and how you "interpret" the scene and all the colors! Irma

Clem said...

Wonderful colors and blending of subtle shades, Karen ! Love this pastel.

Sara Mathewson said...

Beautiful painting1 Could they be Lupines? they usually carpet mountain areas. When I took a horseback ride into the mountains in Montana, they were everywhere and I see them in AZ too when the CA or Mexican poppies(orange ones) are blooming. the also bloom along with the reddish purple clover(can't remember the specific name of this type of clover.)"Owl clover"? that is what is coming to mind but my brain still isn't working like it should be.