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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Nantucket Wildflowers with an oil stain underpainting

'Nantucket Wildflowers' 11x14 pastel
I had my oil paints out for a commission so rather than waste the leftover paint I decided to do an underpainting for a pastel. I love oil underpaintings because of the interesting drips than can happen. You have to get the consistency of the paint just right. Too thick and you fill the tooth of the paper, too wet and it is washed out and you don't get the cool drips. I am sharing a close-up photo of my underpainting and one of the 'drips' I like to call them root systems because they remind me of plant roots. I tried not to cover all of these roots with pastel in my painting so I used a light touch. If you enlarge the photo of the finished painting you can still see the underpainting. If you are going to use an oil paint underpainting, be sure you are using a surface that can get wet. I used Uart for today's painting.

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Julie Ford Oliver said...

I love yesterday and today's painting. Both have an emotional quality to them. Your color use is very beautiful

Marian Fortunati said...

Wonderful way to enhance a lovely painting!!

Karen said...

Thank you Julie! I appreciate the feedback. Thank you for taking time to comment!

Karen said...

Thank you Marian, I love the oil underpainting and need to use it more often!