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Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Guide to Painting Beautiful Places....Nantucket Island

'A Nantucket Bouquet' 8x10 pastel ©Karen Margulis  sold
I have Nantucket sand in my shoes. My Grandfather was born and raised on Nantucket Island. A few years ago I did our family genealogy and discovered we go back to the founding fathers of the island. I also discovered a treasure....an unknown cousin who has lived on Nantucket all of his life and along with his father built many of the island homes. I have been to visit him a couple of times and hope to go back.
Nantucket is the most beautiful and inspiring place just full of magical landscapes. Nantucket has it all....beautiful beaches both wild and tame, harbors full of colorful boats, lighthouses, a wonderful town that takes you right back to the 1700's...cobblestone streets, gas lights and window boxes filled with flowers. But that is not all...the interior of the island has magical moors and meadows filled with wilflowers, misty marshes, ponds filled with waterlilies. Not to mention the birds and other wildlife. I could spend an entire summer soaking up and painting the beauty of this island. Here are some of my favorite spots.

'Steps Beach' 8x10 pastel
Many steep steps must be descended to get down to the beach but the views of the winding paths through the dunes are wonderful. I love standing at the top of the steps and feeling the sea breeze, smelling the beach roses and enjoying the expansive views. See more about The Beaches of Nantucket here.

'Madaket Daisies' 11x14 pastel
If you go as far west as you can you will come to Madaket Beach. This spot is famous for the sunsets. For me it was the wildflowers that got me excited. The fences and yards around the beach are filled with wonderful wildflowers. It is heaven for a wildflower lover like me. We visited Madaket on a foggy day which made the colors of the flowers even more intense. I was happy for some fog for moody photos but also glad when the sun came out later in the day. You can take the Wave...Nantucket Regional Transit Authority Shuttle buses to get to Madaket as well as all over the island. Read more about Nantucket Transportation here.

'Sanford Farm Path' 11x14 pastel
Nantucket is famous for beaches and as much as I love the sea I am just as drawn to the interior places on the Island. One of my favorite places is Sanford Farm. The Nantucket Conservation Foundation has preserved this beautiful spot and now it is laced with trails for hiking, birding, photography or plein air painting! To read more about Sanford Farms and other Nantucket Conservation Foundation properties visit their website here.

'Evening Stroll Nantucket' 8x10 pastel
Imagine a day exploring the island capped off by a wonderful dinner of Lobster rolls and fried clams (my favorites). After dinner you get an ice cream cone and stroll the cobblestone streets in town. I am not really a painter of architecture or street scenes but the possibilities here are endless. There is really something for everyone on Nantucket...art lovers, nature lovers, beach people, boat people...I can't wait to go back!
If you would like to visit Nantucket know that getting there is half the fun. I like to take the slow ferry. We don't take a car (expensive) and just use Island transportation. Here is more information on the ferries.

I posted an album of additional Nantucket paintings on my Facebook page. I'd love for you to have a look and 'like' my page! www.facebook.com/karenmargulisart

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