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Monday, February 27, 2012

Here's an Easy Way to Create a Portable Portfolio

'Wildflower Tango' 11x21 pastel ©Karen Margulis sold

There are so many ways to share artwork these days. There are many online options for free or low cost galleries and websites. If you want to share work away from home, it is so easy to have a digital portfolio of artwork on a smartphone, a tablet or ipad. When it comes to sharing my work, I like a combination of high tech and low tech portfolios. When I had a critique session last summer with Jamie Markle at the IAPS convention, I brought my ipad with my portfolio photo gallery. I also brought along a small paperback book of my work that I designed with Blurb. The book was also a great way to show my work to the new pastel friends I met at the convention. I love technology but there is nothing like holding a book in your hands. And now it is very easy to make your own high quality books. Here is a preview of my first book:

It was very easy to create a bookstore quality book with Blurb. Most importantly I was very pleased with the color reproduction of my paintings. The colors were very accurate to the originals! You can design a simple book online or download the free software for more creative control. I made mine on my laptop while on vacation last May! You can order as many copies as you want and promote and sell your book too. I am using mine ( a small 7x7 paperback) as a portable portfolio. I can stick it in my art bag or purse when I know I will be meeting people who might enjoy looking at my work. I can use the books for gifts too. By request I am now also offering the book for sale.
Whether you are an artist looking for a way to show your work or you just want a nice way to present your photos, don't hesitate to make your own book!
Today's painting is in my book and is available for purchase. Email me for details


Tina Besecker Marohn said...

Your work is so beautiful. Thank you also for sharing your tips and insights. You are truly generous.

Karen said...

Thank you Tina. I am glad you are enjoying my blog. I hope you'll visit often!

scall0way said...

Beautiful. I adore blurb books and have created a few myself, though not with my pastels, though that has been at the back of my mind.