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Thursday, March 01, 2012

A Summer Visit To Maine

'Lupine Clearing' 8x10 pastel
A few years ago we asked our kids where in the US they wanted to go on vacation....it could be anywhere and they chose to return to Maine. It was a great choice. We started in Cape Cod and went up the coast of Maine to Acadia National Park. We spent a wonderful week hiking and exploring and made a special trip to magical Monhegan Island. We were in Maine at the height of the Lupine blooms and I was in heaven!


Susan Roux said...

This is beautiful. You really captured the look here.

Carol said...

Exquisite color, Karen. Beautiful painting!

JoAnna Carrozzino said...

Maine is so beautiful, I have to find time to go back. I once visited Portland during the spring. I loved all of the textures- grooved brick sidewalks, rocky beaches, patches of snow. There is at least one art school near by so I'm sure the locals are used to artist sketching right out in the open.